Caravans are groups of Slide Ons/Demountables/Truck Campers travelling & camping together. We have already done one of these in North America that was organized and a few short ones that have been more ad hoc. We have a carved object, called the Baton, that we carry with us & pass on to new caravans. It would be nice to get it into Australia & Europe at some time. If anyone wants to take on organizing a caravan, let us know. We will assist in whatever means possible. It would be nice to have one in Australia.

Alaska (USA & Canada)- Some members are thinking of one Summer 2007. Check the forum.

Pacific NW 2005 (USA & Canada) - This one through Oregon, Washington & BC in summer 2005 was a big success.

Other caravans anywhere, anytime are encouraged. Contact Paul on the contacts page if you want help in organizing one. I can give you advice plus put the word out & help you with registration.  If you have an event you want listed here, contact me via the contacts page. Pictures